Author Topic: literature is life, life is literature  (Read 396 times)

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literature is life, life is literature
« on: August 24, 2012, 09:16:35 PM »
Life is art and art that is written down is called literature. In fact, life is an unscripted literature. Many people misjudge literature and don't have boarder and deeper understanding of what literature is. When a dramatist writes a drama, that is literature; when a lyricist writes a song, that is literature; when a researcher is reviewing others' research articles, that is also literature; when you are reading a book with human lives, art, culture n case-studies, be it economics, marketing, what so ever,  you are reading literature.....Literature has the ability to show us sides of ourselves, issues of life, and subjects which we may never experience on our own.

Literature shows us characters and their problems, so it provides both entertainment and guidance. We learn how other people experience life issues and how they deal with such. In literature there are countless moral lessons that people learn as well as find comfort. 

Humayun Ahmed, Anisul Haque and Jafar Iqbal though from Science background became great writers because of their interest in creation and ability of imagination. The power of creativity, imagination and visualization lies in all leaders, scientists, architects, programmers, researchers, poets, writers, philosophers, and who not.....

Literature enriches our lives n culture, instructing us and providing us tremendous enjoyment, philosophy, and values.
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Re: literature is life, life is literature
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good post

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Re: literature is life, life is literature
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Need to add just one line with Mr Shibli's post that Literature is a part of research paper also, in every research work one need to do literature review; and as a whole research paper itself a literature.

I'm giving 'like' sign to the post.

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Re: literature is life, life is literature
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