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« on: April 26, 2010, 03:23:22 PM »
1. Pozzo, the name reflects a power.
2. In this play his character is like as a power playing character.
3. He is a landlord and belongs upper class.
4. The outlook of Pozzo is very good. He is a well dressed man. He has a hat and we see a whips in his hand.
5. He represents the higher class of our society.
6. His attitudes towards Lucky is very inhuman. He always beats and punishes him for no reason. 
7. In act two he becomes blind. So that he is unable to do any kind of work.
8. He leads a luxuries life.
9. Pozzo is a symbolic character. Through this character Beckett shows how higher class exploit in our society.

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Re: Pozzo
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very good

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Re: Pozzo
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In this world of materialism, the civilizations are treaded under the feet of Pozzos.
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