Author Topic: Krishna Chandra's assignment on “Hercules, the strongest man of ancient Greece.”  (Read 1300 times)

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The Title: “Hercules, the strongest man of ancient Greece.”

        Summary: Once there was a great hero named Hercules in ancient Greece. From his very childhood, he was very strong and had extraordinary courage. He had proved his strength and courage in his childhood by killing two gigantic snakes sent by their wicked enemy. He did many extraordinary deeds that made the then King of Greece jealous. He tried to humiliate Hercules. So, he ordered him to kill a lion in a nearby hill. The King thought Hercules would be dead in the attempt of killing the lion. But he successfully killed the lion and proved the King wrong. The King praised his courage and strength and rewarded him.

        Critical Comments: In the ancient time, a person used to be judged, honored and facilitated by his physical strength, courage and intellect. The energetic and courageous used to rule the country and control others. To prove his strength, intelligence and courage, he had to compete with other people or gigantic animals. The strong and courageous were favored by the rulers.

        Moral: A person having strength, courage and intelligence can win everything.

Submitted by:
Krishna Chandra
ID: 093-22-130
Course Title: Post Colonial Literature and Literature.
Batch: 18th.

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Dear Krishna,

I would be happier if you yourself could do it!

Good Luck

Uk mam