Author Topic: assignment on "The inner meaning of the story of Prince Zeyn"  (Read 826 times)

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Topic: The inner meaning of the story of Prince Zeyn

Course Title: Post Colonial Theory & Literature
Course Code: Eng-509

Submitted by:
Md. Zinnat Sarkar
ID: 093-22-136
Department of English
Daffodil International University

                                    Submitted to:
Umme Kulsum
Senior Lecturer
Department of English
Daffodil International University

                                   Date of submission: 29th  March, 2010

Summary of Prince Zeyn

After the birth of Zeyn, the king Balsora, his father wanted to grow up him in the great supervision of him and tried to teach perfectly. When Zeyn was young king Balsora was fall in death and before his death he advised Zeyn not to listen the word of flattered people and to justice exactly. But after the death of his father he forgot everything .when his mother remind his about that he fell ashamed. By getting instruction in the dream he started to dig his father’s room and found nine pedestals. Where he also got an instruction to find slave Mabarec if he want the shining pedestal as diamond.  After finding Mabanec they together searched for ninth statue at best they reached in an Island called Gemii. When the ninth statue founded but the king of Gemii agreed to give that statue by the exchange of a maiden who never spoken any angry word or thought anger .By the help of magic mirror he found the maiden but fall in love with her . But to keep the promise to the king he took back hone sadly with getting assurance to get the diamond from the king of Gemii . But he thought that the maiden was better than the diamond. At last he got the maiden to whom he fall in love, in the down stairs room for the gift of keeping his promise.


Critical Comment no Prince Zeyn

In this story we come to know that one who is hones to his words and activities, his success is inevitable. Though the prince could not maintain the way of his father, he was loyal to his words. Finally he became the gainer.


One who is loyal and honest to his words and activities, he will must be the gainer.