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Recycled polyester key for Nike ..
« on: November 17, 2012, 05:50:08 PM »
Dated- 22 May , 2012 - Global   Recycled raw materials play a major role in the latest collection of lightweight, performance sportswear jerseys from Nike, many of which will be worn by several international teams in competitions this summer.

The Nike Pro Turbo Speed suit is said to be the lightest, fastest track uniform the company has ever built and is made with approximately 82% recycled polyester fabric, using an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles for each uniform.

Based on wind tunnel data, it is said to be up to .023 seconds faster over 100m than the previous track uniform and will be used by athletes from the USA, Russia, Germany, and China for international team competitions this summer.
Elsewhere, at five ounces, the new Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniform is the company’s lightest jersey ever and is made of approximately 96% polyester fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles while the shorts are 100% recycled polyester fabric. Nike said it uses an average of 22 recycled plastic bottles per uniform, which is reflective of its commitment to environmentally-sustainable design.

“Today we’ve unveiled technology we believe has the potential to change sports performance,” said Nike president and CEO Mark Parker. “Nike has always been committed to bringing the best innovations to athletes at every level and we’ve done that today in a powerful way.”

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Re: Recycled polyester key for Nike ..
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nice post

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Re: Recycled polyester key for Nike ..
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