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Various Types of Services
« on: June 17, 2019, 11:23:32 AM »
In addition to benefits, organizations can offer a wealth of services that employees find desirable. These services can be provided by the organization at no cost of employee or at significant reduction from what might have to be paid without organization’s support. These are as follows:

1.   Counseling
2.   Cultural Activities
i)   Picnic
ii)   Cricket Tournament
iii)   Football Tournament
iv)   Song, Dance, Recitation, etc.
3.   Credit Unions: Many organizations have established credit unions to
                              serve both the savings and lending needs of their
                              employees. Credit Unions usually lend money at rates
                               that are competitive with or lower than those
                               otherwise available outside.

4. Housing Facilities

Other Services:
i)   Discount of price to employees to buy goods in their store
ii)   Educational Assistance
iii)   Free Tea or Coffee
iv)   Transportation Facilities
v)   Children- Care Centers