FSBO: The New System To Bypass Paying Real Estate Agents

Author Topic: FSBO: The New System To Bypass Paying Real Estate Agents  (Read 819 times)

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FSBO: The New System To Bypass Paying Real Estate Agents
« on: May 24, 2010, 09:18:51 AM »
"Sidney Lynne has been our Realtor for several transactions over a 14 year period. Her real estate and marketing knowledge is extensive and her driving passion for real estate sales separates her from the pack!"  Lisa Florentino, Voice Teacher and Patrick Kernan, Advertising.

Alarmed by the way most real estate agents are dealing with the current real estate market, owner of Nostalgic Realty in Portland, Oregon and the creator of the FSBO Coach system, Sidney Lynne, has taken time this year to develop a way to coach sellers to sell their own home successfully.

Birthed out of frustration with the average real estate agents reaction to the current real estate disaster, a brand new FSBO program, unlike any other, is just being released. This program has been designed by a long time insider in real estate who has created an easy to follow system which reveals tips and techniques for homeowners who want an effective new approach to selling their own home. This simple system combines classic real estate selling tools with cutting edge ideas that maximize the chance of selling a home quickly without paying a customary agent's fee.

The FSBO program is being offered for a limited time at a big discount. The first edition of The FSBO Coach system is not slick but delivers a high impact group of tools for homeowners to use. The tools are delivered instantly to the homeowners’ computer and include a short, informative packed e-book, resource guide and video lessons. This first version even includes several generous bonuses, including a Realtor.com listing which normally costs $500 alone.

Lynne elaborates "Although real estate commissions are not fixed, the average total commission seems to be 6%.  Out of that total commission, most listing agents and FSBO's "cooperate" with agents and offer about 2.5%  if they bring a buyer. So even when a FSBO pays the bare minimum usually considered acceptable (2.5%), on a $300,000 home sale that is $7500. With my system, the seller will most likely be in control of the entire 6% commission ($18,000).  Worse case scenario, the $300,000 homeowner will have avoided the $7500+ listing commission! I have priced the first version of my system so low that it makes it affordable to any homeowner wanting powerful tools packaged in an easy to follow system that will allow them to take control of their own equity and use that $7500 to $18,000 in a way that will benefit them the most."

"In spring 2008, we worked with Nostalgic Realty on a `complicated sale involving several factors. We were thankful for the pro-activity along with the great advice and service we received from the company. They earned our recommendation for saving us thousands of dollars. We couldn't be happier in our beautiful new home!”
AS, Software Engineer and TV, Assistant Professor.

"Real estate agents are taught to help For Sale By Owners, knowing that most of them give up and the agent will be right there, waiting to list your home and collect a fat commission," said Lynne. "I am watching what I consider a federal emergency, so I decided to jump in with my sleeves rolled up and reveal my closely-guarded trade secrets to home sellers.- with absolutely no ulterior motive. I want them to sell their own home without an agent.   I have a personal goal: By empowering FSBOs, we can reverse the national statistic that eight or nine out of 10 FSBOs eventually give up and list their home with an agent."

"As a real estate investor, I have been very pleased to work with Nostalgic on several of my listings. Her home sales techniques used are graduate level, and Sidney Lynne pairs extensive knowledge with a fun, down-to-earth style."
JSG, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

Since the system is the first of its kind that encourages homeowners, Lynne does not expect to have to use this guarantee, but just in case a homeowner does give up and list their home with a local affiliate agent, they will be credited back the amount paid for the system at time of closing.

"If a person is committed to selling their home and controlling all of the money involved in their own home sale, there will be almost no reason to pay for a For Sale By Owner Company or list with a real estate agent,” said Lynne. “My system is easy and provides the relief so many people are looking for now!"

Lynne is so serious that she is offering the first, limited version of her system at the same price many agents are charging to just enter your home in the multiple listing services. And the price includes entry into the public multiple listing service used by about 5 million homebuyers per month, REALTOR.com! To get the special introductory price and Realtor.com listing, visit http://www.fsbocoach.info/
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