DIU student joins "International Scout Peace Camp" in Indonesia

Author Topic: DIU student joins "International Scout Peace Camp" in Indonesia  (Read 2734 times)

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Syed Josim Uddin Ahmed, Senior Rover Mate of Daffodil International University Air Rover Scout Unit left for Indonesia to join “International Scout Peace Camp” held from March 25- 31, 2013 to represent Bangladesh. He is the only one representative of Bangladesh Scout and also part of Asia Pacific Region.

"International Scout Peace Camp" is a gathering of 250 Indonesian Scouts and 250 Scout around the world to facilitate, learning and competencies acquired in inter-cultural learning, dialogue and conflict transformation in the framework of human rights. The camp is aimed to exchange of experience, idea, and knowledge both nationally and internationally, so that it could inspire and motivate the participants to understand each other and build concrete actions in creating a better world.

 This event will be attended by Scouts from 33 Scout of Gerakan Pramuka and 6 regional of World Organizations of Scout Movement representatives of Asia- Pacific, Inter-America, Europe, Africa, Eurosia, and the Arab Region with a total number of participants is 500 people.
Syed Josim Uddin Ahmed is a final year student of Real Estate department of Daffodil International University and only one participant from Bangladesh Scouts.

We are proud of him and wish him safe return.

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Re: DIU student joins "International Scout Peace Camp" in Indonesia
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I hope DIU students' will regularly take part in international events. That will help our students to face the challenges of 21st century and also add value to the image of DIU.
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