Author Topic: Workers conditions Vs Textile and Apparel industry in Bangladesh  (Read 1184 times)

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The garment industry has become the backbone of the Bangladesh economy. It
accounts for 78 per cent of total exports and contributes 17 per cent of the country’s
gross domestic product. Some 59 per cent of Bangladesh exports are destined for the
European market, while 26 per cent is exported to the United States.

Attracting a
growing number of foreign buyers over the last years, Bangladesh has become the
second largest export of apparel, after China.

Bangladesh’s garment industry is characterised by fast production relying on cheap
labour and low production costs. Over three million workers, the majority of whom are
young women, are employed in the Bangladesh garment industry and remain the
lowest paid garment workers in the world. Many workplaces fail to adhere to the most
basic standards of health and safety