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Recently solved problems
« on: April 27, 2013, 12:46:15 PM »

    Gromov's problem on distortion of knots (John Pardon, 2011)
    Circular law (Terence Tao and Van H. Vu, 2010)
    Hirsch conjecture (Francisco Santos Leal, 2010[12])
    Serre's modularity conjecture (Chandrashekhar Khare and Jean-Pierre Wintenberger, 2008[13])
    Heterogeneous tiling conjecture (squaring the plane) (Frederick V. Henle and James M. Henle, 2007)
    Road coloring conjecture (Avraham Trahtman, 2007)
    The Angel problem (Various independent proofs, 2006)
    The Langlands–Shelstad fundamental lemma (Ngô Bảo Châu and Gérard Laumon, 2004)
    Stanley–Wilf conjecture (Gábor Tardos and Adam Marcus, 2004)
    Green–Tao theorem (Ben J. Green and Terence Tao, 2004)
    Cameron–Erdős conjecture (Ben J. Green, 2003, Alexander Sapozhenko, 2003, conjectured by Paul)[14]
    Strong perfect graph conjecture (Maria Chudnovsky, Neil Robertson, Paul Seymour and Robin Thomas, 2002)
    Poincaré conjecture (Grigori Perelman, 2002)
    Catalan's conjecture (Preda Mihăilescu, 2002)
    Kato's conjecture (Auscher, Hofmann, Lacey, McIntosh, and Tchamitchian, 2001)
    The Langlands correspondence for function fields (Laurent Lafforgue, 1999)
    Taniyama–Shimura conjecture (Wiles, Breuil, Conrad, Diamond, and Taylor, 1999)
    Kepler conjecture (Thomas Hales, 1998)
    Milnor conjecture (Vladimir Voevodsky, 1996)
    Fermat's Last Theorem (Andrew Wiles and Richard Taylor, 1995)
    Bieberbach conjecture (Louis de Branges, 1985)
    Princess and monster game (Shmuel Gal, 1979)
    Four color theorem (Appel and Haken, 1977)

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Re: Recently solved problems
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2013, 07:28:18 PM »
Please post something in relevant areas.
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