Author Topic: Bluffers' Guide To Self-building and Renovating #1  (Read 711 times)


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Bluffers' Guide To Self-building and Renovating #1
« on: June 01, 2010, 02:53:14 PM »
Test your knowledge of building terms and hold your own on a site or in the builder's merchant - you'll never be blinded by jargon again! Some phrases are common, others are more obscure, but they all appear in our Bluffer's Guide. From the list, choose the option you believe is nearest in meaning to the key word, then check the answers below.

Question 1:What is a Pan tile?

A) A recessed portion of a metal stair filled with concrete
B) A coping formed with flat stone pieces
C) A roof tile with a flattened s shaped cross section
D) The socket of a hinge

Question 2:What is a Taco?

A) A small decorative infill tile
B) A pointed nail with a flat head
C) Concrete containing decorative oyster shells
D) A rectangular infill panel

Question 3:What is a Dais?

A) A floor of slate tiles
B) A rough stone finish
C) A raised platform
D) An adjustable plate in a flue

Question 4:What is Clapboard?

A) A raised curved moulding surrounding a wall opening
B) A buttress that wraps around a corner of a building
C) A wood or metal piece that holds other elements in place
D) One of a series of boards used to cover a house

Question 5:What is a Camber?

A) A column with the shaft in the form of a twisted piece of rope
B) A rustic hut or cabin
C) The lead covering of a spire
D) A slight curve in a building element

Question 6:What is a Pediment?

A) A surface texture of stone
B) The triangular gable end of a building
C) A wall mounted board with projecting pegs
D) A type of gravel

Question 7:What is a Chevron?

A) A decorative pattern in the form of a repeated letter 'v'
B)  The semicircular end of a church apse or nave
C) A walkway behind a rampart
D) Cracking of wood with the grain caused by rapid drying

Question 8:What is a Fanlight?

A) A wood partition
B) The window in an arched opening over an entry door
C) Gothic style fan vaulting tracery
D) A mechanical device with rotating blades

Question 9:What is a Bonnet?

A) The top of a drainpipe
B) Projecting blocks in a wall
C) A roof tile in the form of a half moon
D) Decorative edging

Question 10: What is a Siding?

A) A wrought iron 'h' shaped hinge
B) The overlap between slates
C) An open house area at the side of a house
D) A non-structural exterior wall covering

Q1: C, Q2: A, Q3: C, Q4: D, Q5: D, Q6: B, Q7: A, Q8: B, Q9: C, Q10: D.
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