Author Topic: BE YOUR BABIES BEST FRIEND  (Read 916 times)

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Playing withour kids is the utmost happiness every parent can ever experience.  It can relax our tired nerves and cells.  No matter what other people believe, children are gifts from God where parents can draw their strength from.

Parenting tips for spending longer time with our kids:

    Parenting Tips # 1 -- Squeeze your schedule for our family.  Get activities you can work on together as a family. Provide each kid individualized thoughtfulness.  Start speaking with your child; find out his activities.  Be the one responsible for having a heart in his bosom. Be readily accessible, even during your busiest hours.

    Parenting Tips # 2 -- Spending time won’t mean doing special activities.  It means providing your interests and kindness. If you’re loaded with more chores, ask your kids to help—they are more than willing to help than you think.  Also, these are opportunities to start a conversation, bonding and connection with them.

    Parenting Tips # 3 --Free time—quantity of time spent naturally— heals a struggling relationship.  Learn to take time with your children. Don’t worry about folding the laundry or about the many stuffs you have to do.  You can put them aside and give first your time to your kids.  You will wonder how your children receive happily the most valuable thing you own.

Remember, nothing can take place the genuine time, love, and care parents can give their kids.  Most parents believe that an hour spent with the kids is just enough, but this is a big mistake.  Kids who can play longer hours with their parents will create deeper relationship.  The value they can get is more than just watching TV, watching movies, or listening to music.  Make a big difference in the life of your children by spending more quality and quantity of time together!
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Nice post madam. Sometime in join family, giving time to  kids become difficult. The tips are helpful

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all the wrking mothers should spend much time for their baies