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MSI Military Class 4 Gaming Motherboard Is Offering More Responsive, Smoother Game Play & Faster Reactions

Recently Mr. Michael Liang, Section Manager APAC Sales Department of MSI & Victor Yeh , Account Manager APAC sales Department, MSI visited Bangladesh to introduce the new Model of MSI Gaming motherboard in the local market.. During their business tour they met MSI local distributors, Dealers and Media . They hold some training session for their local partner to educate the sales peoples about the new products they launched. They launched MSI Military class 4 Motherboard- Z87, M Power, M Gaming and Classic series products locally. These Models are come with AMD Processor and MSI concerns are verymuch confident on the market of this product. During their short visit Tech World Bangladesh’s correspondent had an opportunity to talk with these two corporate of MSI. The synopsis of the conversation are given below

TWC: Why you choose AMD processor?


Well firstly we consider our consumer demand to choose AMD than its technical beauty. We got inquest for AMD from different consumer level like social media and direct consumer and others. Moreover the component of AMD is verymuch relevant what MSI gaming motherboard looked for. Like the killer Game Networking, audio boost and the other features of AMD help us to choose it to offer our consumer more responsive, smoother game play and faster reactions.


Doesn’t Intel has those? Could you please explain to us a little about this of this new Gaming Motherboard?
Victor: Not exactly. Intel Also has but we consider the consumer demand as I said earlier. And about this new motherboard I could say in a word that it is just splendid! MSI Military class 4 Motherboard- Z87 GAMING motherboards are designed to provide gamers with best-in-class features and technology. Backed by the imposing looks of MSI’s Dragon, each motherboard is an engineering masterpiece tailored to gaming perfection. With the highest frag and the lowest lag with Killer Game Networking’ Crystal clear sound with Audio Boost along with Military Class 4 Components the device is just the best gaming weapon at hand. You want more FPS, lower ping, but why use a pro-gaming mouse with old-fashioned standards? MSI Gaming Device Port is optimized for high polling rate mice (500 to 1000 Hz) which lowers your mouse’s response time from 8 milliseconds to 1 millisecond! This gives a much smoother mouse response in games. Military Class 4 is the next step in high quality components. The Super Ferrite Chokes and Dark CAPs will make sure that your PC runs more stable under extreme gaming conditions. This allows the Super Ferrite Choke to run at a 35 degree Celsius lower temperature, have a 30% higher current capacity, a 20% improvement in power efficiency and better overclocking power stability.MSI GAMING motherboards feature one or more PCI-Express 3.0 slots, perfectly aligned and with enough space for an optimal airflow when using multiple graphics cards. With an awesome product comes an inspiring heat sink! Styled after the iconic MSI GAMING Dragon. The heat sink is oversized to provide the best thermal transfer and heat dissipation to enable your PC to just game 24 hours per day.
TWC: Well sound really attractive but MSI Gaming motherboard is not as much popular in Bangladesh as much the other. So how you are going to promote the Product locally?
Michael: Actually it is a niche market for us. To grab the market we already arranged sort of school campaign program through our local partner. We also have a plan to arrange a mega gaming contest to tremble the youth pool of the country once a year regularly.
TWC: MSI Gaming motherboard has existing is local market, so what kind of response it have received during this years?
Michael: Well we received very good market response considering the time we entered the market. Bangladesh is potential for gaming market having a large pool of youth and IT professionals. We stat our journey in the year of 2013 and considering the time response is impressive.


Your competitor and you??Victor Yeh
 MSI has its brand image worldwide so does in Bangladesh for its different product. The other brands has been in the market since a long so we cant compare us with it in terms of the sales volume. But in terms of Product value and technology We are confident on our competitor.

What about the product price how would you fix the price?
Actually its tough to answer. We have different model of product with different features. We will obviously consider the local market and the consumer’s affordability to fix the price. Our local partner will help us out of it.

How you ensure the service after sales?

 Yes service is verymuch important to sustain and grow the market. It is in our concern and our local partners have their expert and professional team. Moreover there is a regular schedule between us to train the local executives and officials. On the other hand we have introduced a service point in Dhanmondi to ensure the service after sales. Hope it will help our customer to get a quick response on their complain.

TWC: Thank You
Michael & Victor: You most welcome

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