Author Topic: History of Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz  (Read 811 times)

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History of Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz
« on: April 22, 2015, 12:02:11 AM »
Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz:

I have placed these two together as they are both often given the honor of being the ‘inventor’ of modern infinitesimal calculus, and as such have both made monolithic contributions to the field. To start, Leibniz is often given the credit for introducing modern standard notation, notably the integral sign. He made large contributions to the field of Topology. Whereas all round genius Isaac Newton has, because of the grand scientific epic Principia, generally become the primary man hailed by most to be the actual inventor of calculus. Nonetheless, what can be said is that both men made considerable vast contributions in their own manner.
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Re: History of Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz
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Very good....