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Phrases with AND
« on: December 12, 2015, 07:20:00 PM »
1. A cock AND bull story :   A false story
2. Bag and baggage : leaving nothing behind
3. Between the devil and the dead sea: tempting situation
4. By leaps and bounds : At rapid rates
5. By and large: mostly
6. Cats and dogs: heavy
7. By fist and starts:  at irregular intervals
8. Cut and dry : already decided
9. Do come and visit us: show up
10. Eat drink and be mery: Epicurean
11. Far and wide: Over a large area
12. Fast and loose: lace of responsibility
13. Hard and fast: fixed
14. Home and dry: have been successful
15. Hue and cry: strong public protest
16. Few and far between: rarely
17. In black and white : in writing
18. Ins and outs: in details
19. Kith and kin: Relatives
20. Leaps and bounds: Rapidly
21. Light and leading: Renowned
22. Loaves and fishes: Personal gains
23. Odds and ends: small items that are not valuable
24. Null and void: not valid
25. Milk and water: lifeless
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