Author Topic: 5 Realistic Ways To Build Up Your Confidence Right Before An Interview  (Read 450 times)

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5 Realistic Ways To Build Up Your Confidence Right Before An Interview

1. Stop The Storytelling
Your brain’s primary job is to minimize danger and maximize reward, so in a situation where there’s an unknown outcome—especially a situation where you might screw up—your mind’s going to start telling you stories designed to keep you safe, tales that will help you from feeling the crush.
2. Return To Your Best
Being at your best means being at the top of your game, the place where you’re buzzing, flowing and really feeling alive. When you’re in that place, two things are happening. First off, you’re simply using everything you’ve got in the moment (all those skills, all that experience, all your smarts, all your talents, all your strengths and all that instinct) and, secondly, you’re not letting anxiety get in the way of your confidence.
3. Breathe
Anxious nerves are a physiological response to risk, a response that gets your heart thumping, palms sweating and thoughts spinning. Keep your attention on the breath, noticing the sensations in your body as you exhale and even the momentary pause between the in breath and out breath.
5. Humanize The Process
You were invited in because your resume and cover letter caught the hiring manager’s eye. You were asked to come in because someone at the company wants to get to know you. The hiring manager wants to hear more about the experiences he read about on paper.
Their aim is to offer the job to a decent human being who can add value, so consider them as an ally who wants you to land the job rather than an enemy who wants to see you trip up.
Mosammat Jannatul Ferdous Mazumder
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Helpful for successful interview. Thanks for sharing.
MadhuSudan Das
Lecturer, BTHM, DIU.