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Program overview :

Social change and fast development in information technology have caused on increasing demand on library professionals and, as a 
consequence, imposes the need for highly qualified personnel in Libraries, Moreover, the government of Bangladesh has decided to employ at least one Library professional in each High School, College and Madrasha of the country which leads to significant demand of work farce in this field.

Under these circumstances, a one Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Science and Library Management is designed to provide a dynamic and enriched learning experience that will help students to develop skills, knowledge and attitude needed by contemporary information professionals, They will learn how to conduct research, cataloging and collection management skill, use digital and social media tools and develop customer service expertise.

Program objectives :

The aim of this program is to establish the significance of the dynamic role of information and library work in today's information society and knowledge-based economy, and to develop the knowledge and skills needed to handle effectively the storage, retrieval, analysis and communication of information.

This program provides students with a professionally and nationally recognized qualification in library and information management and prepares students for careers as skilled librarians or knowledge and information management professionals.   
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