Author Topic: Blogging encourages more visitation to your Destination’s website  (Read 179 times)

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Blogging encourages more visitation to your Destination’s website

Blogging is the foundation tactic for your search engine optimisation strategy. With content at the very heart of SEO, search engines are constantly looking for relevant, inspiring and popular (authoritative) content to fill their search engine results pages.

Each blog post has the ability to target specific, and relevant search terms, which gives your website breadth when it comes to being found in search engine results, therefore, attracting people looking for all types of holiday experiences, not just those searching for the name of your destination.

So, if you are creating wonderful stories, sharing them via social media, and receiving great traction and engagement (on social and on your blog), the post is building its authority as a relevant source for the search terms that it has been optimised for, and therefore will be rewarded in search engine results.

From there, your authoritative posts will receive an increase in qualified visitors to your website, which gives you the opportunity to convert move website visitors, into actual visitors to your destination.
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