Author Topic: GIS is an Essential tools for ESDM students  (Read 983 times)

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GIS is an Essential tools for ESDM students
« on: April 27, 2011, 04:34:28 PM »
The term GIS may be a new tools for maximum students except those who are studying in Real Estate and Environmental Science and Disaster Management slightly known to this tools as well as its applications in the real world. Full application is computer base run by powerful software Arc Vie/Arc Info and Arc GIS. Accordingly, the purpose of these new terms is to provide an introduction to GIS technology and its application in different field and to help create a greater awareness of the privacy and access issues associated with this technology. The writing is to attempts, in a non-technical way, to define the technology and to identify common characteristics.

What is GIS? (Geographic Information System)

A GIS is a database management system that facilitates the storage, retrieval, manipulation and analysis of spatial and temporal data and its display in the form of maps, tables and figures. The information in a GIS describes entities that have a physical location and extent in some spatial region of interest, while queries involve identifying these entities based on their spatial and temporal attributes and relationships between entities. Geographic data refers to spatial data in terms of their position with respect to a known co-ordinate system, their attributes (which are unrelated to their position) and their spatial inter-relationships with one another.

Applications of GIS

In fact, GIS technology has developed so rapidly and extensively over the past two decades that some users now accept it as an essential tool for managing geographic information. Supporters believe this technology will fundamentally change the way information flows within and between organizations. The growing popularity of GIS applications is largely a response to the versatility of the technology. Outlined below is a description of some GIS applications.

Utilities sectors

Electric and Gas
Energy Transmission
Water Distribution, Wastewater, Sewer

Business sectors

Business Geographic’s
Health Care
Real Estate

Environmental and Natural Resources sectors

Ecology, Conservation, and Archaeology
Environmental Management
Mining and Geosciences
Oceanography, Coastal Zone, Marine Resources
Water Resources

Government sectors

Emergency Management, Public Safety
Federal Government Systems
State/Local Government, Cadastral, Land Records

Multidisciplinary sectors
Business Partner Program
Defense and Intelligence
K-12 Education and Library Science
Universities and Higher Education

Technology sectors

Application Development
Cartography and Map Production
Data Publishing
Database Design and Automation
Database Management and SDE
GIS Management and Implementation
New Technology and Technology Integration
Public Access and the Internet
Remote Sensing and Imagery
System Implementation for GIS

For more details pls search Google (Just write GIS) and you will know more about the new technology. It is indeed and I would like to advice all of the student of ESDM in during study period try to know the practical technology. Our library has preserved some books you may visit our library to get pictorial  and theoretical idea. Must visit ESRI site and to know the work activities how much powerful work are doing by using this technology.