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Profile of Center for Marketing Science (CMS)
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:07:07 PM »
Center for Marketing Science (CMS) is a professional platform of the learners, academicians, and practitioners of marketing discipline. It has been initiated by a group of university teachers, and students of various private and public universities of Bangladesh with the support of the veteran industry leaders of the field. The prime goal of the organization is to create a cohesive environment between the academic spheres of various universities and the practical requirements of divergent industries of the country. For more detail please log on to;
please feel free to ask any sort of information through our email:
The vision of Center for Marketing Science (CMS) is to transform Bangladesh from a “knowledge-receiver nation” to a “knowledge-provider nation”.
The mission of Center for Marketing Science (CMS) is to convert the traditional “lecture-based syllabus-centered GPA-hunting” university education system to a “research-based knowledge-creating” social endeavor.
The major objectives of Center for Marketing Science (CMS) are as follows:
to alter the university students from a ‘GPA-Hunter’ to a ‘Knowledge-Creator’;
to change the university teachers from a “Selfish Knowledge-Gatherer” to a “Sacrificing Social Mentor”;
to create a congenial learning environment to accomplish a mutual benefit for the academicians and the industry-practitioners as well as for the society as a whole.