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Building Coverage Ratio (BCR) & Floor-Area Ratio (FAR):
« on: July 19, 2017, 02:39:10 PM »
Land Use Zones restricts the use of buildings in each categorized zone; it also controls volume and height of buildings by Floor-Area Ratio (FAR) and Building Coverage Ratio (BCR) in each zone.
What size and height of the building you can build depends on FAR and BCR of the land property and this also influences the property price.
As FAR and BCR are described in the property information provided by the real estate company, it is recommended to understand beforehand when you plan to purchase a real estate property.
What is Building Coverage Ratio (BCR)?
The ratio of the Building area divided by the land (site) area. Building area means the floor space of a building when looking down at it from the sky.
Depending on the Land Use Zone category it is regulated within 30% - 80%, and a building has to be constructed within the specified maximum BCR ratio in the zone.
For example; in case of a Land area of 100㎡ with a BCR at 50%, a building with the maximum (Building area) of 50㎡ can be constructed.
What is Floor-Area Ratio (FAR)?
The ratio of Total floor area divided by Land (site) area. Total floor area means the total of all the floor space in a building.
Depending on the Land Use Zone category, it is regulated in the range of 50% - 1,300%.
For example; in case of a Land area of 100㎡ and a FAR of 300%, a building with maximum (Total floor area) of 300㎡ can be constructed.
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