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More than ever, companies need coders. And while tech firms do the bulk of the hiring, the demand for programmers spans industries and only seems to be growing. 

From writing basic HTML to building complex logic into mobile applications, the ability to smartly craft lines of code continues to be one of the most in-demand — and often, well-paying — skill sets one can have.

So what skills are the most sought after? That’s an ever-fluctuating, somewhat difficult thing to track. Normally, we’d avoid turning to a single source for such data, but its very nature makes an ideal place to look. The job search site aggregates more than 16 million listings from a wide range of sources, so it’s fairly comprehensive.

15. Ruby
It may be almost 20 years old, but the object-oriented scripting language is still going strong. After existing for years as a general purpose programming language, Ruby got a huge bump from the advent of Ruby on Rails, the hyper-popular Web development framework. Since the rise of Rails, the two have practically become synonymous, but Ruby has plenty of applications as a general scripting language.

Microsoft’s server-side Web development framework is more controversial than many of its peers, in part because it’s a Microsoft product. Still, its ability to build dynamic sites and Web applications is favored by many programmers and, more importantly, the organizations who hire them.

13. AJAX
AJAX is actually multiple technologies bundled into one. Asyncronous JavaScript and XML was first popularized by Web applications like Google Maps and Gmail. The ability of websites to retrieve data in the background without reloading the page is something we now take for granted, but it was groundbreaking stuff a decade ago. Today, using a conglomeration of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (or JSON) and XML to build asynchronous Web apps is still popular, and the job listings prove it.

12. Objective-C
For a 30-year-old programming language, Objective C is looking pretty good. It’s the core of development for both of Apple’s operating systems. Its roots in Mac OS X go back to Steve Jobs’ days at NeXT and it’s at the heart of iOS. Considering the  the platform’s enormous popularity, it’s no wonder that Objective-C is coveted by employers across industries.

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