Author Topic: Programming Skil - 3 (15 Programming Skills Most Coveted By Employers)  (Read 154 times)

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4. JavaScript
 On the Web, JavaScript is what makes things interactive. This is especially true now that the rise of tablets and smartphones has bumped Flash from its once-prominent perch. Whether it’s trendy frameworks like jQuery or the JSON data interchange standard, companies need JavaScript-focused talent like never before.

It’s only natural that the language at the heart every Web page would be in high demand, even as native mobile app development and back-end cloud technologies command bigger ad bigger chunks of IT budgets. In fact, as tablets, smartphones and cloud-hosted services proliferate, the importance of the Web grows along with it. The conglomeration of Web technologies known as HTML5 is all the rage at the moment, but hypertext markup is more than a fad. It is, and will remain, the skeleton of the Web for the foreseeable future.

2. Java
Java certainly has its critics, not to mention some well-publicized security issues.  But the object-oriented language remains in heavy demand and used for a wide range of purposes. It can’t possibly hurt that Google uses Java as the basis for Android application development, a sector that isn’t likely to slowdown anytime soon.

1. SQL
NoSQL databases might be getting all the attention as of lately, but more traditional, structured databases are still going strong. Thus, SQL, the programming language for querying, manipulating and managing relational databases is in high demand. Considering the sheer volume of data being generated everyday, it’s no shock that having the ability to help manage it is such a marketable skill. There are currently more than 98,000 SQL jobs indexed by

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