Author Topic: Inside One Designer’s Plan to Make Brand Logos More Eco-Friendly  (Read 171 times)

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Inside One Designer’s Plan to Make Brand Logos More Eco-Friendly
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:06:28 PM »
Corporate logos are reproduced millions and billions of times, which means even the smallest logo tweaks can significantly change the amount of ink used. Now, one French designer has hatched an idea for a service to help redesign brand logos—indeed, the who brand-deployment process—to be more environmentally (and economically) friendly.

Sylvain Boyer, a creative director at Interbrand Paris, tells Adweek that he dreamed up the idea for a project called Ecobranding way back in 2013, when he was designing a multicolored birth announcement card for his first daughter.

“On the computer it looked great, but when I submitted the design to the printer for silkscreen printing the bill was … expensive,” he says. To cut costs, he reduced the number of colors—which also made the card more environmentally friendly, as he was using less ink.

“It may seem stupid, but it’s by being confronted with the reality of the deployment of the design that I became aware that every decision … had a direct impact on our environment,” he says. “When a designer designs a logo for a major brand, this logo will be reproduced millions or billions of times, and all this has an ecological and economical impact.”

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