Author Topic: Current Vision and Mission of EEE Department (Which Needs Modification)  (Read 193 times)

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The vision of the dept. of EEE of Daffodil International University of Bangladesh is to grow both as a nationally and internationally recognized Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department that provides the highest quality teaching and research both theoretically and experimentally which will benefit our students, our faculty members, the University, our nation and as a whole our beloved country, Bangladesh.

The mission of the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of Daffodil International University is:
1. To develop well educated, highly productive, and ethical engineers who are fully devoted to the core technical aspects of engineering.
2. To develop engineers who are highly skilled in technology and possess the ability to have substantial impact in social, political, and environmental issues.
3. To establish a research oriented culture to have an impact on the development of industries and also the country and to provide adequate consultancy.
4. To help in developing renewable energy sources to meet the ever increasing demand of energy in our country and to find suitable energy management systems.
5. To create expert graduates who can successfully engage in governmental, commercial and industrial enterprises.
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