Benefits of Installing Apparel CAD System

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Benefits of Installing Apparel CAD System
« on: April 28, 2018, 07:19:01 PM »
By installing CAD software, you can be benefited in the following areas.

1. Eliminate manual steps in the design process. You can reduce manpower and improve the performance of the pattern making department.

2. Draft the garment pattern from scratch. Drafting a 2D pattern in the computer can be done by using CAD tools provided by the CAD provider.

3. Digitize existing hard-copy patterns. You might have made the paper patterns which is ready with you and approved by the buyer. You can digitize those hard-copy patterns in the CAD and store digitally.

4. Edit and finalize existing digital patterns easily. Pattern editing, pattern grading, and checking of the digital patterns can be electronically.

5. Store and restore digital patterns easily. You can save your designs (patterns) developed in the CAD and easily restore when you need. Copy and paste of the existing pattern can be done.

6. Visualize measurements of different styles and gain control of internal features such as notches, buttons, and drill holes.

7. Walk a pattern while you correct the shape, add or adjust details, and import patterns with every layer intact.

8. Darts, seam allowance, special corners, advanced measurement techniques, pleats, curves, and facings, are all fitted to trade, to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of product and style types.
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Re: Benefits of Installing Apparel CAD System
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Very Informative
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