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Black Hole (Chapter - 3)
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Chapter - 1:,45383.0.html

Chapter - 2:,45412.msg115987.html#msg115987

Eight months earlier. I woke up from my bed and found her fainted in the washroom. I took her to the hospital immediately. The doctor came with good news. I am going to be a father! I didn’t understand what I should do. Whether I should laugh or cry. I went slowly to Nasa, stood in front of her. I wanted to hug her and give the good news but I couldn’t. She looked at me as if she is a stone. Her face seemed lifeless today. I went close to her, kissed her forehead and said “you’re pregnant sweetheart”. Her eyes filled with tears but I found that there are some hidden meanings in this tear which are not clear to me.

Last night when we thought about our future, we decided to get married. Because our child needs an identity.

Today is our wedding. Our child is waiting to see the light of earth. It is peculiar to marry at this moment. But we have nothing to do. I don’t want to bring my child in an illegal way. I am frightened for today. Night is over now, new dawn, new sun for our new life. I wake her up in the morning. She is so tired and troubled. But just some few days more, then we will have our beautiful baby in our lap.
In evening, we have reached to the Kaji Office for marriage. We have called our two friends for witness. But when Nasa is about to say kobul she faints. I can’t understand what to do. I take her on my arms and with the help of my friends we’ve reached to the hospital.
After taking to the hospital doctors started to check her and provided me a horrible news that Nasa is addicted and she needs an emergency operation now. But mother is critical, doctor can’t say anything surely. I agree with the doctors, they bring me a paper where I have to sign. I can’t hold the pen to sign, but I sign with all my strength.

Operation ends after one hour. Doctor says that ‘it’s a boy’. But Nasa is now in more critical position, she is continuously losing her blood. Nurses come to me with my son for few seconds;she will take him to incubator because he is premature. I feel heaven to see him. I just want to share my feelings with his mother, but I find that he is so quite. Suddenly doctors come and say they fail to stop her bleeding, she is in very serious stage now, and she wants to meet me. I rush to my Nasa.  I see she is lying on a white bed with swelled eyes. She is looking more white as she is.  I take her hand in between my hands and say why did you do this. She answered “for you, I wanted to understand the pain of yours by taking this. I left my home for you. I hide my previous reports from you. But believe me I love you very much.” She wants to utter something beyond her extreme pain. “k..k..k” but stopped.  Her hand fails to grip. I look at her. She stops seeing me. She is leaving me. My Nasa leaves me forever. Drugs, which she was taking for me, drag her from me? I just want to go with you. But my son. What about him. He is my only hope now. I rush to my son. He is sleeping in the bed. How innocent he is, just like his mother. My two friends are sitting with horrified faces. I take my son up in my lap very carefully. But I am shocked. He is cold like ice. My friends start weeping.

I feel that the earth is diving in front of me. My heart is snatching from me. I have lost everything of my life. I start laughing.  With my dim eyes, I see my son, standing before me. Strange, this is not his age to stand! He said ‘ I have to leave only because of your sins. You will never be excused’. He left, hearing his words I feel that I’m losing my consciousness.
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Re: Black Hole (Chapter - 3)
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thanks for sharing
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