Some Myths and Facts about Psychological Services

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Some Myths and Facts about Psychological Services
« on: July 24, 2018, 01:14:17 PM »
1.   Myth: Psychological services is only for mentally ill and insane people
Fact: Challenges are a part of our life. Every mentally stable people may also struggle with various difficulties so they can seek a professionals help. It is believed that the ability to realize of seeking and accepting counseling help proved a standard level of intelligence.

2.   Myth: Who doesn’t know me, can’t help me
Fact: Being unknown to each other is the most prominent reason why counseling is successful. Because of a psychologist is not a part of your personal life, he/she is capable of being non-judgmental and can maintain confidentiality.

3.   Myth: Everyone will know why I’m taking psychological service
Fact: Protect clients’ confidentiality is one of the most prominent ethics in the counseling profession. So a psychologist is bound to maintain your privacy during counseling and after counseling.

4.   Myth: Pair counseling tries to make one person the villain
Fact: The purpose of the pair counseling is to facilitate relationship change. Rather than finding someone’s fault, pair counseling encourages both partners to make possible changes that improve their relationship.

5.   Myth: Seeking counseling is a sign of weakness:
Fact: It takes courage to share and re-experience own sensitive painful issues. Individual who seeks psychological help is taking a first step to resolve his/her difficulties and taking initiative to resolve own difficulties is a sign of courage.

6.   Myth: Counseling provides a quick solution for your problems
Fact: When it’s a matter of mental health, there is no quick solution. The core value of counseling is making positive change within ourselves and changing our thoughts, feeling, and emotion is not an easy task to do. It takes time patience, practice, and persistence.

7.   Myth: Change will happen quickly
Fact: Changes often take time and practice in order to occur. Although some people get relief and improved their mental health after a couple session but counseling will not provide a quick fix to your problems. Counseling can help you work toward meaningful life change over the long term.

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