Author Topic: Take the Stress Out of Deadlines  (Read 321 times)

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Take the Stress Out of Deadlines
« on: July 25, 2018, 03:04:48 PM »
Three Simple Steps to Getting Any Project Done on Time
Here are the three steps the world's most successful people use to complete a project of any size on time.

1. Identify the biggest, most important tasks first. Begin by breaking each of them into smaller tasks. Do this until each task can be accomplished in no more than two days. Break up big, vague tasks like "update the website" into a larger number of more specific tasks. This will enable you to estimate, with much greater accuracy, the time you need to complete the entire project.

2. Assign tasks and chart the schedule. Make a Gantt chart—a table showing each task, the person who will do it, the start date and how long it will take. Be realistic about the work load of each person. Spread the tasks out so that a new one doesn't begin until the previous one is complete. If the work of one person has to be complete before a task performed by someone else can start, build this in, too. Be sure to take holidays and weekends into account.

3. Estimate the completion date and monitor progress. The end date of your last task tells you when your project will be complete. Update your chart with the actual dates of completion for each task as the project progresses. This will tell you, at a glance, whether your project is on schedule. If it's not, you will know precisely how far it is behind so you can make better management decisions.

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