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About career
« on: September 11, 2018, 02:03:51 PM »
In Law, there are many ways to develop career. Firstly I will talk about An assistant judge & Justice of supreme court.

Judges preside over court hearing and trials, supervise legal proceedings and uphold the rights of individuals involved in a legal process. They ensure that trials are conducted according to established rules and procedures, which may include determining how testimony is given and evidence submitted.
To becoming a justice of supreme court. There are some career requirements and steps.

Career requirements-
*L.L.B - Emphasizing over this courses Muslim law, legal history, contract law, criminal law.
L.L.M- Emphasizing over this coursess, Law of International Organizations,Muslim Law of Succession, Comparative constitutional Law.
key skill-critical thinking, reasoning, decision-making, Communication.

Steps -

Steps 1 - LL.B (honors) from any reputed university.
*LL.M (Not mandatory)
*Judicial exam
*Become an assistant judges.

Step 2- *LL.B( honors)
* LL.M (extra,not mandatory)
*Bar council (Lower court)
* High court exam
*10 years experience
*Justice of supreme court.

For becoming a judge You must upgrading yourself in different spheres like Watch too many videos relating with crime investigation. Read several articles regarding the announcement of judges's solution and proclamation. Prepare yourself for Bangladesh Judicial service commission Exam by reading General knowledge, several news and articles. In judicial exam and  Viva exam the most important thing is Muslim law, legal system in Bangladesh, legal history which has a great impact in Law.As Far I heard  maximum questions are asked from Family court  Law ordinance 1961& Muslim Family court ordinance 1985.