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carry on essence of ramadan


ABM Nazmul Islam:
Essence of Ramadan lies in controlling desires and drives. Just physically, we fast and don't eat or drink no matter how hungry or thirsty we became just for the fear of Allah. Deep down, this fasting margin up our looking, talking, thinking and enters into controlling mental desires. In essence, we surrender to Almighty by surrendering our heart to him by abiding by him which leads us not to follow our urges recklessly. And it is a month long practice. If it is applied, later words, we will only be doing things which are permitted by our creator and abhor and refrain from those are prohibited for us and if commit sin would repent constantly. Therefore, those who believe hereafter, those who submitted themselves to their creator, it is a privilege for them to have Ramadan. May Allah help us realize the value of Ramadan and help us perform it how it is  demanded and pursue its aroma after Ramadan in daily life.

Md. Saiful Hoque:
Thanks for sharing


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