Author Topic: The problem of implementation of the Golden Rice  (Read 2102 times)

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The problem of implementation of the Golden Rice
« on: November 02, 2011, 11:46:48 AM »
The problem of implementation of the Golden Rice

Suppose you have a mango tree at your home.The mango tree mango sauce so that you cant eat it. If you have a mango tree  you can regenerate to another can be very sweet and sweet! How do you think?

Do you know the length of each gene in plants or organisms? The gene is controlled through the various features of plants or organisms. So that, your mango tree mango sauce as if it must be a gene behind the work. If you want to replace the gene through genetic engineering can be a sweet fragrance of fruit trees with Change gene responsible, then it will be the new birth is a very sweet mango tree. The transgenic plants produced in the plant.

Flowing Picture: 1, is that it makes common tobacco tree not as others tobacco tree, it is a transgenic tobacco plant. In night light will show in tobacco tree. The reason is that the tobacco plant and insect gene, which light bug (Jonaki Poka) night, time light show. In other words, through gene replacement, we can take a plant is like what we want.

There are many debits about Transgenic Plant, Such GMO food which generated by using genetics engineer technology. But it’s already many GMO food speeded in global market also in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh Transgenic Tomato already marketed in our local market and also cultivated in our land and that’s work good as well as our local tomato. Transgenic Tomato self time much better then our local tomato .So that it’s not spoilage as our local tomato & its easy to storage and marketing.

Golden rice is a transgenic plant which generated by rice genome and daffodil flower plant genome. In order to contain daffodil flower genome golden rice synthesis Vitamin A. In under development country golden rise use as supplement of Vitamin A as well as carbohydrate source. But some how the regulatory & administrative(Both Global & Local) system interrupt its for implementation in our agriculture system.

But we are still wait for Golden rise in order to reduce our Vitamin A problem which can solve our Child Blindness  problem.

So as early as Hurry Up our policy maker other wise our Blind child will never forgive.

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