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Engaging students in learning!
« on: February 09, 2019, 11:37:41 AM »

Dear Colleagues!

As a new member of Daffodil Family, I am happy to request you all to read this simple technique learned from a senior family member.

Reaching and teaching are interrelated words or themes that largely depends on each other! There might have several ways to reach the students, while I found this way is really helpful! What will be the impact if we can reach them before starting our teaching process? During our orientation training one of our honorable mentors evoke this interesting question to all participants. I was thinking about the ways and decided to email my class some questions and the syllabus and allow them some time to think by themselves. Later on, I decided to do some experiment, scientist mind always like to do that  :).

I divided my classes into two groups, 1. will be notified earlier 2. will not be notified earlier.

I am happy to share that, the enthusiasm and attendance rate was higher in the classes categorized under group 1.

Consequently, I thought this experience could help our younger faculties and should be shared with them. I found forum is the best way to do that!

At last, a quiz to all, can you comment the name of the honorable mentor who evoke that question?

Have a very good day and enjoy the vacations.

Best regards,
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