Author Topic: Ten Fascinating Facts About Gabriel García Márquez  (Read 6 times)

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Ten Fascinating Facts About Gabriel García Márquez
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:00:17 PM »
1. He had one of the more iconic literary feuds of the last century.
2. His relationship with his mother was a bit odd.
3. He determined he was going to marry his wife when she was just nine years old.
4. He was inspired to write by an incorrect translation of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis (1915).
5. He once toured the American South in a Greyhound.
6. He had a strong interest in politics, and was a committed socialist.
7. As a result, he was labeled a subversive in the United States.
8. Over the years, he maintained a friendship with Fidel Castro.
9. An obscure Mexican ventriloquist’s poem was published under Marquez’s name.
10. He never let anyone adapt One Hundred Years of Solitude into a film.