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Data science is an interdisciplinary area of scientific processes, methods, systems, and algorithms to obtain knowledge or awareness of data in an array of forms. The field combines data analysis, statistics, and machine learning and their associated methods to gain an understanding and evaluate data. It uses theories and procedures drawn from a variety of fields and data scientists are analytical data experts who possess technical abilities to solve multifaceted problems. Data scientists take a large amount of complicated data points, both structured and unstructured, and use their abilities to clean and organize them. They sold business challenges by applying their analytic skills, including industry knowledge, contextual understanding, and doubt of current assumptions. Individuals interested in working in the data science field often wonder about the job outlook for data scientists.

Job Duties of Data Scientists
Data scientists conduct independent research and extra large volumes of data from various internal and external sources. To assess and interpret this data, data scientists implement advanced analytics programs, statistical methods, and machine learning to prepare it for use in modeling. When examining data, data scientists thoroughly clean and condense the information to discard anything that is irrelevant to the task. They look for trends, opportunities, and hidden weaknesses within the data. Data scientists also communication their findings to management and recommend cost effective modifications to current strategies and procedures.

Education and Skills for Data Scientists
To become a data scientist, individuals typically need a master’s degree in data science or related area. The master’s degree program provides a thorough understanding of the field as well as opportunities for internships and networking activities. Aspiring data scientists also commonly gain professional certification to remain competitive in the filed such as the Certified Analytics Professional and Cloudera Certified Professional: CCP Data Engineer-Cloudera. In addition to high quality education, data scientists need analytic problem solving skills, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, and sound knowledge of the industry.

Job Outlook for Data Scientists
As stated by the United States of Labor Statistics, the employment of all computer and information research scientists is expected to rise 19 percent by the year 2026, which is deemed much faster than the average for all professions. About 5,400 new jobs are projected over the decade. As demand for new and improve technology increases in the data science field, the demand for qualified data scientists will rise. The rapid growth in data collection will result in a heightened need for data-mining services.

Salary for Data Scientists
The new increasing demand for data scientists results in competitive starting and continuing salaries. According to Payscale, the average pay for data scientists is about $91,000 per year, with the top 10 percent earning more than $120,000 and the lowest 10 percent making less than $62,000 per year. Actual annual pay varies on an array of factors, including location, industry, employer, skills, experience, and job duties.

Data scientists are vital to a variety of organizations as they are part computer scientist, mathematician, and trend spotter. The increasing popularity of this profession is a reflection of how entities think about big data. These professionals help increase revenue and discover business insights to boost production. For any organization seeking to enrich their business and becoming more data driven, data scientists are the answer.

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Thanks for sharing this information  :)