Author Topic: Applying Machine Learning To User Research: 6 Machine Learning Methods To Yield  (Read 65 times)

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Data analytics is a hot topic, and there’s nothing more popular about it than machine learning. But, how can user experience researchers lean on machine learning to test hypotheses and assumptions and understand more about users? While there are thousands of articles about machine learning, most of them focus on how machine learning can automate work. This article answers a very specific question: Which machine learning methods can be used to answer specific user research questions.

Among the dozens of common machine learning techniques, we’ve zeroed in on 6 key algorithms that UX researchers can apply for achieve significant results. These machine learning algorithms are:

    Decision Trees
    Association Rules
    Process Mining
    Dimensionality Reduction

These algorithms share 3 critical traits for deriving user research value:

    Successfully used to answer questions about users
    Produces human-understandable output
    Appropriate for large data sets

For more details:

by Aaron Powers, Sr. Manager of Experience Measurement, & Jennifer Cardello, Executive Director Of DesignOps

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good read