Eco friendly entrepreneurship:-3 Indian examples

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Eco friendly entrepreneurship:-3 Indian examples
« on: March 24, 2019, 05:10:19 PM »
Here are 3 examples from India which are not only doing things differently but at the same time contributing to environment also. Sustainability is the need of future business world & these startups know it very well.

1) Log 9 materials: - This one is delight for smokers! This Uttar Pradesh based company was founded by 23 year old IITian Mr.Akshay Singhal to promote graphene nanotechnology. Their product PPUF 'Smoke safe' is plug on filter for cigarettes ensuring that Cancer causing toxins are filtered without disturbing the taste or the flavour of the smoke .Company claims that it reduces 90% chance of Cancer caused due to cigarettes if an individual uses this product.

For further betterment they have collaborated with IISc institute from Bangalore for R&D. As country is getting more & more fitness conscious day by day, in near future this innovation is going to have spectacular demand as according to WHO India has roughly 120 million smokers, which are 12% of world’s smokers.

2) Bakeys:- This one has a unique concept of edible cutlery .Yes,one can eat your spoon once your eating is done. Founded in 2010, this Hyderabad based company works under the leadership of Mr. Narayana Peesapathy. Idea behind doing this is not completely new, which is to replace plastic from eating outlets (In school/college canteens, Food courts in malls etc.).However the solution is cool.

Company introduced edible spoons made up of ‘Jowar’ majorly, in combination with other flour giving it a healthy & nutritious value , also at the same time reducing the environmental hazard which plastic causes (to some extent). Organization is well supported via Crowd funding (No wonder when your initiative is efficient & unique, money will roll in ).

3) I got Garbage :-We are doing MBA to attach Managers tag to our profile. However this project has given an opportunity to Rag pickers to become a Recycling Managers & that also without any MBA degree. Thanks to Mr. Prashant Mehra, Project Manager from Mindtree an IT Giant,who was keen on initiating this 'Waste management' idea & chose Bangalore city, our very own Indian silicon valley for starting this project, considering the fact this city generates nearly 3000 tonnes of waste solid waste per day.

This company has given an opportunity to Rag pickers to earn more than what they earn on regular basis by contributing in waste management work .(On an average, Rag Picker associated with ‘I Got Garbage’ earns Rs.4828 per month).So along with Waste management this company is also impacting the livelihood of rag pickers by generating monthly salary for around 8000 of them.

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Re: Eco friendly entrepreneurship:-3 Indian examples
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Good one
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Re: Eco friendly entrepreneurship:-3 Indian examples
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