Author Topic: Does “OK” stand for “ Objection killed”?  (Read 71 times)


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Does “OK” stand for “ Objection killed”?
« on: April 02, 2019, 05:35:32 PM »
Does “OK” stands for “ Objection killed”?

No, The term “Ok” we usually use for denoting approval, acceptance, agreement, assent, acknowledgment, or a sign of indifference does not stand for “ Objection killed”.
Although its origins are disputed, the word OK (spelling variations include "okay", "O.K.", "ok")  came from the USA, and is probably an abbreviation of orl korrect, a jokey spelling of 'all correct', that was used as a slogan during the presidential re-election campaign of Martin Van Buren (1782–1862) in 1840. It was reinforced by the initials of his nickname Old Kinderhook, derived from his birthplace.