Author Topic: Some of Professional Certifications in Finance  (Read 175 times)

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Some of Professional Certifications in Finance
« on: October 01, 2018, 12:58:49 AM »
To be successfull in finance and just about any other field, you need to continue your education beyond your undergraduate degree. For some people, it means getting a maters in business administation(MBA), but there are many other way to advance your education and inhance your credentials without getting a graduate degrree, In fiance,a varity of professional certification programs are widely recognized in the field.

Chartered Financial analyst(CFA): Offered by the CFA Institute, the CFA program is a graduate level course of study focused primarily on the investments side of finance. To earn the CFA charter, students must pass a series of these exams, usually over a 3year period, and have 48 months of professional experience. Although this program appeals primarily to those who work in the investment field, the skills development in the CFA program are useful in a variety of corporate finance jobs as well.

Certified Treasury Professional(CTP): The CTP program requires student to pass a single exam that is focused on the knowledge and skills needed for those working in a corporate treasury department. The program emphasizes topics such as liquidity and working capital management, Payment transfer systems, capita structure.managing relationship with financial service providers, , and monitoring and controlling financial risks.

Certified Financial Planner(CFP): To obtain CFP status, student must pass a 10 hour exam covering a wide range of topic related to personal financial planner.  The CFP program also requires 3 year of full time relevant experience. The program focuses primarily on skill relevant for advising individuals in developing their personal financial plans.

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Re: Some of Professional Certifications in Finance
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Re: Some of Professional Certifications in Finance
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Re: Some of Professional Certifications in Finance
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