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University 20.35 is the first university in Russia providing opportunities for professional development by creating individual educational trajectories and tracking digital skill profiles.
It is aimed at training business leaders, participants of the National Technology Initiative and professionals entering new global markets.University 20.35 pioneers a new network-based learning principle, where educational trajectories for each  student are selected in a personalized manner. Different universities, online education platforms and other organizations are providing this customized content. Students are trained both offline and online through the digital platform of the University.
University 20.35 was established by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) to promote new projects. Partners: Skoltech, Innopolis, ITMO, SPbPU, MIPT, Novosibirsk State University, Tomsk State University, Far Eastern Federal University.


01 Recommendations for personal education trajectories based on the results of the students’ current skill diagnostics, educational background and individual needs.
02 Combination of online and offline learning from world-class teachers with top level skills.
03 Community of the National Technology Initiative leaders and the possibility to study together.
04 Digital skills profile.
05 Recommendations on team development (considering each participant’s profile) for technological projects.

University 20.35 pioneers a new university model, where each student at any given moment makes a decision on his/her further educational steps based on recommendations that take into account the student's digital footprint, digital footprints of other students, and the educational content and activities available.

The recommendations include:
the choice of professional activity;
a list of the skills and knowledge that are necessary for this professional activity;
a selection of events, courses, educational methods, scholarly endeavors and professional activities that will ensure the student's development.

University 20.35 joins efforts with leading academia institutions to facilitate transition towards network-based education.

University holds pilot programs at selected Russian universities offering students an opportunity to develop a set of competencies required for digital economy via personalized blended learning curves. Educational content providers, proffering unique learning experiences related to digital economy are encouraged to share their content at University 20.35's platform.

Therefore, new students get a unique opportunity to build personal educational paths from the variety of available modules.

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