English Foundation Class

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English Foundation Class
« on: December 13, 2011, 11:52:34 PM »
English in an essential tool to cope with the modern century.Now a days our tradition is being changed in the interview board for any job.We used to know that the more good result is the more possibility is to get the job.Now this is not true always.In some cases if you are good enough in English it doesn't make any sense whether ur result is outstanding or not. In every semester Daffodil International University arrange foundation English classes for the newly admitted students.Honorable teachers give their valuable effort to teach the students.As the medium of instruction of this university is English so this course is very important and obvious.But it is a matter of pity that being a non credit course most of the students do not pay too much attention or interest and not serious regarding this classes.I personally do believe that after finishing these foundation English classes at least a test should be taken to evaluate them and to know how much well they are doing at their starting stage of next 4 years journey.In that case students will more serious abt the classes.Otherwise all our teachers' effort will go in vein.we are arranging classes, teachers, class rooms etc only for the students' betterment.students should be responsive in this regard.In the foundation course a part should be kept just for how to write an application correctly cause in the university students have to write number of application for different purposes.but its a painful experience that 80% students do not write a correct application.they don't know the spell of REGISTRAR even.At the time of admission we provide a brochure where the information of entire university is given.Students should skim several time that book.The more you will know about ur university the more you will love it.
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