EMI Calculator-(বাংলা) Loan & Finance Calculator

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EMI Calculator-(বাংলা) Loan & Finance Calculator
« on: October 01, 2021, 07:35:35 AM »
Our Bangla EMI Calculator is a one-stop solution to your financial calculation. You can easily calculate, track and get the information related to your financial investment.

Key Features :
* EMI(Equated Monthly Instalment) Calculator
* GST(Goods and Services Tax) Calculator
* CASH Calculator
* Compare Loans

1. You can calculate EMI for home loans, car loans, and other loan entities.
2. You can also calculate the taxes on the amount using the VAT / GST Calculator.
3. Cash Calculator- You can calculate any amount of cash without any difficulties.
4. Compare Loans- This is an awesome feature in this EMI Calculator. You can calculate two loans at a time with outstanding results.

Where to Use:
- Home Loan
- Car Loan
- Bike Loan
- Gold Loan
- Personal Loan
- Property Loan
- Mortgage Loan
- Compare Loans and any other's loans.

EMI(Equated Monthly Instalment) Calculator:
The full form of EMI is Equated Monthly Instalment. EMI is a fixed sum payable to a moneylender by a borrower for a specified period at a particular date of every month. EMI consists of a principal sum and interest amount to be charged by a borrower to repay for a specified period of years to pay back the loan incomplete. Therefore, it’s an unequal mix of the interest rate and principal. You can calculate EMI easily by using this EMI Calculator.

GST(Goods and Services Tax) Calculator:
Before learning more about Goods and Sevice Tax, let’s try to understand how taxes in Bangladesh work. The Government of any country needs money for its functioning and taxes are a major source of revenue for a Government. Thus, the taxes collected are spent by the Government for the public. You can calculate GST easily by using this EMI Calculator.

CASH Calculator:
Our Cash Calculator tools will provide quick answers to your calculation and conversion needs. On this page, you can calculate the total value of cash notes of different denominations. It is useful for store managers to tally and count the total business at the end of the day. Here we add all Bangladeshi notes so that you can use the cash calculator easily.

Compare Loans:
A loan is a type of credit, usually a sum of money that is borrowed and expected to be paid back over an agreed period of time with interest.

When it comes to keeping your financial plans moving, a little boost can make all the difference. A loan could be useful if you need help to reach a goal – whether you’re looking to buy a new car, renovate your home or deal with some existing debts.

We can help find the right loan for you. Our Compare Loans checker shows you your chance of being accepted, as well as the guaranteed rate, so you can see your options before you decide on a deal.


* FREE App (100% full features)

* App is generic and it is suitable for people of Bangladesh

* No prior finance knowledge required

* Helps you make informed decisions about your finance

* Saves you a lot of time, effort & money

* Used for investments, financial planning, budgeting, accounting, studies, research & more

* Suitable for individuals, financial planners, accountants, brokers, students, research analysts, etc

Kindly consider this calculator as guidance only. Investors are required to make their own assessment before investing.

Please send your suggestion and issues to our E-mail address:- americabanglainfo@gmail.com

***If you like our EMI Calculator please share it with your family & friends.

***We hope you like our EMI Calculator-(বাংলা) Loan & Finance Calculator app***
Thanks a lot...

Google Play Stor Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.americabanglaemicalculator

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