English language education and learner’s psychology

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English language education and learner’s psychology
« on: June 02, 2021, 03:35:06 PM »
English language education and learner’s psychology.


In the globalization era, educational system is so much complex that no single learning
approach works for everyone. Hence, educational psychologists focus on identifying
and studying learning methods to better understand how people absorb and retain new
information. They apply theories of human development to reveal the individual learning
and the instructional process. Interaction with teachers and students in language classrooms
is not the only facet of the job. Through education learners try to impart knowledge,
improve their power of reasoning, and make them prepare intellectually for a long-life
process of education. Teachers as the vital elements of the educational system try to
identify the learners’ educational needs, abilities, attitudes, interests, motivational level,
and temperaments by observing their treatments to unravel their difficulties and involve
these variables in performance. Through effective interaction and socialization, an educator
can induce social and moral values of the society in learners, cause them to fully participate
in and contribute to self-development and to the needs of the classrooms and educational
centers. The present research tries to figure out the learners’ educational needs in EFL
classrooms and tackle their learning difficulties. It also examines how students learn in
various contexts to identify approaches and strategies to make learning more effective.

Full article is attached.
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