Retrofitting of Structures

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Retrofitting of Structures
« on: December 17, 2021, 08:15:35 PM »
Retrofitting of structures refers to the strengthening of the existing structures to make them stable against applied loads, seismic and high wind loads.

What Is Need Retrofitting?

Retrofitting of buildings is required for homes that are affected by failures and damage by seismic forces. Retrofitting done for your home makes it resistant to seismic activity caused by earthquakes. There are several problems that structural members experience and needed to be tackled among them some common problems include:

* Structural cracks
* Damage to structural members
* Excessive loading
* Errors in design or construction
* Modification of the structural system
* Seismic damage
* Corrosion due to penetration- honeycombs

Methods of Retrofitting or strengthening of existing structures

* Jacketing (Concrete jacketing, steel jacketing, steel caging etc.)
* Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) like Glass and Carbon fiber polymer wrapping system
* Adding New Shear Wall
* Adding Steel Bracing
* Wall Thickening Technique
* Base Isolation Technique
* Mass Reduction Technique
* Epoxy Injection Method

You may visit these sites for more details knowledge about retrofitting