Author Topic: Some problem happened at the time of going to permanent campus ,,,,  (Read 1207 times)

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I am a MBA student of uttara campus of DIU , I was very excited to go our permanent campus at Ashulia, but what happened?

I arrived at uttara campus 7:40am, I thought I missed the bus,,,  

But there was no any single bus and all student had already come. I was frustrated that our bus was not came at a time.

My all happiness, freshness, excitement, mind setup has broken. When it was time at 10:15am one by one bus come then I took my set. Then 10:35am bus started to go and then 10:46am I got my breakfast.I arrived at Ashulia at 12:00pm, I had no time to have rest for some time, the fact was that at 12:15pm lunch was served, so I had to take our lunch packet.

Then I had to back at 5:14pm that means I had only 4:30 hour to spend our time.

That was not only a problem for me but also that was a problem all the student of uttara campus of DIU because they faced that problem.


GAZI :o ??? :( >:( :'(

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Re: Some problem happened at the time of going to permanent campus ,,,,
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Dear Gazi,

I am empathized and can realize your feelings. Hope things will be solved nicely in future.

I am sure you have enjoyed finally rest of the day and expecting more efficient participation in near future.

Finally, I must congratulate your emotion and intention.

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