Gardening (a poem)

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Gardening (a poem)
« on: September 09, 2009, 12:51:22 AM »
Gardening -a poem-

Md. Kumrul Hasan

Night has come to begin with the sun rise
While it is predetermined to end with the set.
I see the day is opening soon after the sun off;
The day is full of dark, taking the role of night
While the night does the vice versa.
Isn’t it mine right observation, it should be.

Well, I have a job to play the long as the dark
And have a handsome preparation for it.
The puzzle is going to have structure
Who is arranging this? Except my ten fingers!
In my back, there are integers of perplexing stories,
And, in front of me thousands few are waiting to begin.

There’s an endless question, will I be able to see the thing as ’tis!
I be a gardener having seeds to bring the plants
Keep working till the plants safe and sound.
It is going to be the story ‘I witness my plants’
Those are successful in size and bold in existence;
The stories are having a turning from light-dark to gardening.
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