Author Topic: Greek State Scholarship -- 10 PhD scholarships every year for Bangladeshi studen  (Read 2073 times)

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Greece state scholarship foundation (IKY) offer 10 scholarships every year for Bangladeshi student for PhD.  Education in Greece is quite good as it is a colaboration with European Union. Accomodation in student hostel even cheap than Bangladesh and food is free for all student.
Scholarship is for all fields but priority Economics, History, Social Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology. You need not any supervisor during apply for scholarship. If you accept scholarship they will give you one year time to find supervisor. Once you accept scholarship you will find supervisor. Every year January-March the announcement come out. Remember not to send application to Greek embasy in Delhi, they do not forward to Greece. better send direct to Greece (IKY). Please check the following website so often
Please forward this mail to all bdresearcher, I will be thankful to all of you.
Kind Regards
Dr. Khalid Mahmud
University of Ioannina