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Energy transmission system for an artificial heart-leakage inductance compensation

A power supply system using a transcutaneous transformer to power an artificial heart through intact skin has been designed. In order to realize both high-voltage gain and minimum circulating current, compensation of leakage inductances on both sides of a transcutaneous transformer is proposed. A frequency region which realizes the robustness against coupling coefficient and load variation is identified. In this region, the converter has inherent advantages such as zerovoltage switching (ZVS) or zero-current switching (ZCS) of the switches, high-voltage gain, minimum circulating current, and high efficiency.
Artificial heart, energy transmission system, high efficiency, high-frequency converter, high-power density, high-voltage gain, inductance compensation, soft-switched converter, transcutaneous transformer, zero-current switching (ZCS), zero-voltage switching (ZVS).

This is just the concept about the project, if anybody feel interest to work with the topic then please visit the following link. Without the owners permission it was unethical to upload in the page.

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