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          Sindbad was a great sailor as it is told in the story. He made seven voyages to the sea. In every of his voyage he suffered a lot. And at the end of his every voyage he was determined not to go another time in the sea. But he could not resist his greed to discover new things. Thus he made seven dangerous voyages. He started every his voyage in a merry mood. But sometimes ill fate and sometimes the nature betrayed him and his companions making lots of sufferings to them. He encountered some situations which could take away his life but his intelligence and help of fate brought him home safely. Though ha undergone a lots of sufferings, he made a good profit out of his every voyage and served the poor around him with that profit.

Dear Nikhil,

It's good! Well done.


Critical comment:

          The story of Sindbad the sailor is nothing but imaginary one. Though it is imaginary but it has an attraction to read in one sitting. Sindbad, in the story is described as an honest, intelligent, industrious sailor. He did not stop his journey though he suffered a lot. But the end of his father's fortune led him to make such journey as we get in the story. So, the afraid of becoming poor, he became an industrious and on the whole an efficient sailor. He was telling about his voyages to Hindbad who was a poor man and was grumbling at his fate. So, Sindbad was not only telling his stories but also making Hindbad understand that without working hard you will get nothing.


         Man is the builder of his own fortune with hard work and making right steps at the right time.

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Yes, we all should bear in mind that, man is the founder his won destiny. Fortune favours the bravo. One can not blame his fate if the person does not take initiative to change that.

Moral of Sindbad is an example of this gospel truth.
"Many thanks to Allah who gave us life after having given us death and (our) final return (on the Day of Qiyaamah (Judgement)) is to Him"