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Title: Realme soon in Bangladesh
Post by: Rubaiya Hafiz on February 24, 2020, 03:15:04 PM
Realme, one of the fastest growing smartphone brands, has announced it will enter the Bangladesh market soon, according to a press release.

The Chinese smartphone brand will focus on 5G and AIOT technology, actively explore 5G use cases especially gaming and imaging to let youngsters enjoy 5G all the time, it adds.

"With Realme Link App, Realme smartphones are in connections with TOP 4 Smart Hub—Smart Screen, Smart Watch, Smart Speaker and Smart Earphones, together remotely controlling various smart products to build uni smart AIoT ecosystem," reads the press release.

The smartphone brand that came into being in 2018 brings trendy tech-lifestyle for the younger generation with high-quality products and applies high-end technology products to each price segment.

Realme has won over 60 world-renowned awards in 2019.

It has also become the fastest-growing smartphone brand worldwide by entering the Top 7 in the global smartphone shipments ranking within two years.

With the fast-growing speed, trendy products with strong performance and its 5G & AIoT strategic product portfolio, the arrival of Realme will rewrite the new pattern of the Bangladesh mobile phone market.